Fixed Packages
$220 per session
$154 per session

Ad-hoc advisory sessions for founders, leaders and managers.

Ideal for early stage founders looking to address a specific or urgent technical challenge.

  • One on one technical coaching
  • Process or code reviews
  • Urgent technical advice
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$660 monthly

Technical coaching for technical leaders and their teams. Overcome specific challenges or roadblocks.

Perfect for teams rapidly building and scaling their products and platforms.

  • 3x Weekly leadership standup
  • Monthly planning reviews
  • Short-term roadmap planning
from $4000

Focused analysis addressing development processes and technology, specifically addressing medium term growth and scaling requirements.

We help you build a ‘scale plan’ for your roadmap and teach you how to implement it.

  • Weekly leadership standup
  • Fortnightly planning reviews
  • Technical consultation & analysis
  • Completion recommendations & report
Prices are ex GST. Standard service agreement applies.
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