Dream Build Ship is a virtual-CTO consultancy specialising in technical management coaching.

We help small-to-medium sized businesses establish world class products. Our unique style of facilitation, engineering guidance and iterative product development helps companies launch high-quality products to market, fast.

Lead consultant and founder Jack Skinner started the company in 2018 after a decade of software development, community management and API design.

Modern day technology companies have a raft of challenges to overcome as they build, scale and grow their products and teams. This can seem almost overwhelming to many given that software trends and development practices change every day. Dream Build Ship helps founders and their teams stay focused on the most high value priorities and opportunities while laying out a roadmap for their software development practices. – Jack Skinner

To help founders get started, we run early stage founder consultations that can help pinpoint immediate opportunties or to act as urgently needed technical advisors to your project.
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