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Dream Build Ship is a management consultancy specialising in product development, leadership coaching and technical stategy. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes establish world class products and adapt to rapidly changing markets and working conditions.

Technology meets strategy

We help technical teams build the right products, fast. Whether it be a board review, due diligence or quarterly planning, we can help.

  • Planning and delivery

    Build the right product just in time and avoid unnecessary delays. We help guide engineering teams to focus on execution and delivery.

  • Architecture & Engineering

    Knowing what to build, and when, is half the struggle. We provide technology guidance or oversight to ensure business leaders have confidence in the technology direction.

Building highly innovative teams

We specialise in leading business transformation projects to help teams adapt to remote work.

  • Building distributed teams that thrive

    Adapt and adopt remote-first practices that help you thrive in modern remote-work environments. We help teams transition from on-site to work-from-home environments with ease.

  • Hiring & growth

    Great products come from great teams, but hiring is a time consuming and process. We help define, scale and execute your hiring processes to build a world-class technology company.

Let's work together

We'd love to help you and your team deliver world class software. Let us know how we can help!

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